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Unlike other forms of advertisement agriculture, plantations space → uncovered primarily in less arisen countries.

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True False

Vegetative planting more than likely originated in → south east Asia.

True False

Intensive subsistence farming involves huge amounts of initiatives used to create the preferably feasible productivity from a provided piece that land. → false

True False true" type="hidden">

Only around 15 million world are nomads, but they sparsely occupy → autumn and also harvested in summer.

True False 20 percent that the earth's floor area." type="hidden">

Von Thünen"s model can ideal be used to describe the ar of which of the following varieties of agriculture? → dairying in the Northeast united States

True False

A principal practice of sustainable agriculture is → sensitive land managementlimited use of chemicals. Far better integration that crops and also livestock.

True False

Which type of agriculture occupies the largest percentage the the world"s soil area? → moving cultivation

True False

Which type of farming is found primarily in less emerged countries? → dairying

True False plantation" type="hidden">

Despite the location much from people markets, brand-new Zealand is a significant dairy producer. → Mediterranean

True False true" type="hidden">

Unique agricultural practices happen in details regions because of → physical qualities of the land. Minimal knowledge the alternatives. Distinctive social traits. Climate(all of the above)

True False

Which statement correctly describes hunting and gathering? → keeping the fertility of fields

True False all humans acquired their food this method before the innovation of agriculture. It is a type of nomadism. This kind of subsistence is still practiced. Hunter gatherers live in little groups. (All above)" type="hidden">

Which that the complying with is a common practice in growing rice in Asia? → preparing fields with a plow attracted by cow flooding the plowed field with water growing seedlings in a nursery transplanting seedlings right into the flooded field

True False

The furthermore a dairy farm yard is from a large urban area the lower the portion of output specialized to new milk. This occurs primarily since → handle milk is less perishable.

True False

Seed farming probably got to Europe indigenous → southeast Asia.

True False Southwest Asia." type="hidden">

In the united States plenty of farms are integrated into a huge food production industry. This is well-known as → advertising grain.

True False agribusiness." type="hidden">

In moving cultivation, just how do farmers clear their fields for planting? → humid low-latitude

True False slashing vegetation and burning the debris" type="hidden">

To increase crop yields, farmers in southeastern China typically practice → extensive subsistence.

True False twin cropping." type="hidden">

The predominant form of farming in the U.S. South east is → advertisement gardening.

True False

The largest proportion of farmers in Asia exercise → are found in isolated places in the world.

True False extensive subsistence." type="hidden">

What is the distinctive type of farming practiced in the populace concentrations of East and South Asia? → intensive subsistence wet rice dominant

True False

Most combined crop and livestock ranches in the United claims are own by big corporations quite than separation, personal, instance families. → false

True False

An important agricultural hearth is → south east Asia.

True False

What is the distinctive form of farming practiced in the dried lands the less developed countries? → pastoral nomadism

True False

Most people in Asia, Africa, and also Latin America have end up being commercial farmers. → Chile.

True False false" type="hidden">

Which is no a kind of subsistence agriculture? → Mediterranean

True False

Which type of farming is exercised by the biggest percentage that the world"s people? → intensive subsistence

True False

According to the von Thünen model, timber manufacturing was situated in the second ring indigenous the city because of what factor? → true

True False product weight" type="hidden">

Ranching is practiced in a climate an ar most comparable to the of i m sorry other type of agriculture? → true

True False pastoral nomadism" type="hidden">

What is the objective of crop rotation? → keeping the fertility of fields

True False

Which the the adhering to is the most common type of commercial agriculture in Europe? → enhancing tariffs on serial exports

True False blended crop and also livestock farming" type="hidden">

Subsistence farming is designed largely to generate products for sale turn off the farm. → true

True False false" type="hidden">

After corn, the many important crop in the U.S. Blended crop and also livestock an ar is → even if it is the product is consumed on or turn off the farm.

True False soybeans." type="hidden">

The farming of tree by cut stems and also dividing root is → vegetative planting.

True False

Ranching has declined in the southwestern United states primarily due to the fact that → plants yield much more income per area.

True False

Hunting and gathering societies → occupy just their very own territory, moving with the periods to find forage and also water.

True False are discovered in isolated places in the world." type="hidden">

Prior come the development of agriculture, just how did many people obtain their food? → advertisement gardening.

True False hunting and gathering" type="hidden">

Commercial farming is differentiated from subsistence agriculture by all but which the the following? → higher use of animal power

True False calculation consumed on the farm" type="hidden">

About two-thirds that the human being in the civilization are farmers. → true

True False

Most of the wheat get an impressive in the American grain region is consumed by animals. → true

True False false" type="hidden">

Vegetative planting originated in southeast Asia. → true

True False

China, the joined States, Russia, and also India room the top producers of → autumn and harvested in summer.

True False advertising grain." type="hidden">

Pastoral nomadism is most frequently found in which climate region? → humid low-latitude

True False dry" type="hidden">

Crops get an impressive in the mixed crop and livestock an ar are used primarily to feed animals. → false

True False true" type="hidden">

To different husks from seeds, asian farmers win the top on the ground, a practice recognized as → twin cropping.

True False threshing." type="hidden">

The seasonal migration of livestock in between mountains and lowland pastures is → vegetative planting.

True False transhumance." type="hidden">

The most important difference for splitting the people into agricultural regions is → even if it is the product is consumed on or turn off the farm.

True False

Compared to moving cultivation, extensive subsistence farming is characterized whereby of the following? → better use of pet power

True False

Developing nations are responsible for a small percentage the the world"s milk production. → changing cultivation

True False false" type="hidden">

Which that the adhering to is the very least likely to be created in Mediterranean agriculture? → butter

True False

What is the distinctive kind of farming practiced in the dry lands the the southwestern united States? → ranching

True False

The first group to incorporate seed agriculture with domestication the herd animals was most likely in → advertisement gardening.

True False Southwest Asia." type="hidden">

The one kind of commercial farming found in arising countries rather than an ext developed nations is van farming. → discovered primarily in less arisen countries.

True False false" type="hidden">

What is the most important crop grown in eastern Asia? Why is this crop grown generally in the southern part of the an ar but not in the northern part? → extensive subsistence wet rice dominant

True False rice, since the climate supports it better" type="hidden">

What is the distinctive form of agriculture practiced in the U.S. Midwest, native Ohio to Iowa? → mixed crop and livestock, corn and also soybeans

True False

A an excellent bottle of alcohol is most most likely to come native → Southwest Asia.

True False Chile." type="hidden">

In the winter wheat area, the chop is planted in → autumn and also harvested in summer.

True False

Pastoral nomads → maintaining the fertility that fields

True False occupy only their very own territory, moving with the periods to discover forage and water." type="hidden">

Hunting and also gathering is still practiced by isolated groups in Africa, Australia, and also South America. → true

True False

Farmers in much more developed and less arisen countries share which of the adhering to problems? → dairying in the Northeast joined States

True False inadequate income" type="hidden">

The different locations of the human being where Mediterranean agriculture predominates have similar → uncovered primarily in less occurred countries.

True False climate." type="hidden">

Less occurred countries create funds to promote advancement through → Southwest Asia.

True False selling export crops." type="hidden">

Which is not a characteristic of moving cultivation? → soil is cleared by slashing the vegetation. Debris is melted to carry out the soil through nutrients. A brand-new site is designated every couple of years. Swiddens no under farming are offered for fruit trees.

True False

The most important reason why most human being in north China grow plants other 보다 wet rice is → rice, because the climate supports it better

True False climate." type="hidden">

Shifting farming is most generally found in i m sorry climate region → dry

True False humid low-latitude" type="hidden">

Ranching is exercised in the dried lands the both much more developed and also less occurred countries. → true

True False

The form of agriculture practiced top top a advertisement farm counts on access to sectors rather than on the suitability of land for specific crops. → physical features of the land. Minimal knowledge of alternatives. Distinctive cultural traits. Climate(all the the above)

True False false" type="hidden">

Which the the complying with is not a strategy for raising food supply? → boosting tariffs on serial exports

True False

In the eastern Hemisphere, seed agriculture probably originated in which of the following? → ranching

True False western India,northern China,Ethiopia" type="hidden">

To advanced money for development, what sort of crops are farmers in less occurred countries urged to grow? → true

True False fruits and vegetables that room out that season, and coffee and also tea the can't be grown in MDC's as result of climate differences." type="hidden">

Shifting farming can support large population concentration in East and also South Asia. → false

True False

Given your knowledge of population and climate patterns, complement the region of Europe come the predominant kind of agriculture:northwest-south-east- → northwest- a. Dairyingsouth- c. Mediterraneaneastern- b. Grain

True False

Asian farming is characterized by shortages of all but which of the following? → Southwest Asia.

True False labor" type="hidden">

What form of farming would you suppose to discover in the northeastern joined States? → dairying

True False

The primary variable in von Thünen"s version for selecting commercial farm assets is → industry location.

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True False

Defenders of shifting cultivation say the is the best technique for the tropics because → permanently clearing fields and using fertilizer will damage tropical soils. Shifting farming destroys much less tropical rain woodland than permanently clearing the land. Shifting farming is part of the cultural diversity of folk personalizeds in the tropics.