Alexander Yagud-Wolek and George Liberman in last year’s performance of ‘A Christmas Carol." picture by Elizabeth Castrogiovanni, Kayline Productions

By Rita J. Egan

In the standard tale “A Christmas Carol,” a glimpse that his younger years working for Mr. Fezziwig gives a delightful vision of Christmas past for Ebenezer Scrooge. This holiday season, because that the nine year in a row, gibbs George Liberman will take ~ above the duty of the miser’s previous boss in Theatre Three’s adaptation that the vacation classic.

It’s a character the gibbs loves portraying and also one who kind-hearted heart he records perfectly, with good energy and a jovial laugh.

The Ghost quit at a specific warehouse door, and asked Scrooge if he knew it. “Know it!” stated Scrooge. “Was ns apprenticed here?”

They walk in. At sight of one old gentleman in a Welsh wig, sit behind together a high desk, the if he had been two inches higher he must have knocked his head against the ceiling, Scrooge cry in an excellent excitement: “Why, the old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; that Fezziwig lively again!”

Old Fezziwig laid under his pen, and also looked up in ~ the clock, i beg your pardon pointed come the hour the seven. That rubbed his hands; readjusted his capacious waistcoat; laughed almost everywhere himself, native his reflects to his organ of benevolence; and also called the end in a comfortable, oily, rich, fat, jovial voice.

— Excerpt indigenous Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” 1843

“Fezziwig to be a great businessman, but he believed that a happy rectal is a prosperous workplace, precisely the the contrary of the setting that Scrooge is functioning in. His rectal was miserable; he to be miserable. The Fezziwig workplace was totally different. You type of watch that when you enter the whole Fezziwig succession in the show. It’s just a happy place,” stated Liberman, who has actually played this role more than 400 times.

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“The Fezziwig party — he’s inviting all of his workers, regardless of your class. He is inviting his neighbors in; he’s having actually a an excellent time. He wants everyone to enjoy themselves,” the actor said. “He’s bubbly, he is happy; he has actually a an excellent relationship v his wife. That’s type of the method I try to portray him — gift very, very happy and an extremely bubbly, very full the life — and also that’s what ns love about the role.”

Douglas Quattrock, manager of breakthrough and marketing, and group sales and marketing coordinator, who has played Bob Cratchit in the production for the critical 12 years, stated Liberman has actually a great understanding of the Fezziwig role. Quattrock described that the character adds the touch of humankind to the story, where the most necessary thing is love.

“I think George embodies that. I’ve noticed the tenderness grow over the years. Annually he’s carried that nuance come it that a the majority of actors who might play the function once or twice could not capture,” Quattrock said.

Liberman’s connection with Theatre Three started in 1991, when he attend a performance of “Sweeney Todd.” The actor delighted in the present so much he began auditioning and also through the year has appeared in “Man the La Mancha” (Captain the the Inquisition), “Guys and also Dolls” (Rusty Charlie) “Fiddler ~ above the Roof” (Lazar Wolf), and others.

Jeffrey Sanzel, Theatre Three’s executive imaginative director, explains Liberman as a go-to human who always has great chemistry through his castmates. “George is among the easiest world to job-related with. I have never heard anybody to speak anything other than he is wonderful,” Sanzel said, who likewise directs “A Christmas Carol” and also stars together Scrooge.

Liberman’s interest in performing began during his days in ~ Adelphi University. While a student there, he to be a member of the Adelphi college Octet. The singing group would carry out throughout brand-new York State, and he showed up in among the university’s musicals, “Little mar Sunshine.” However, he said after graduating indigenous college, because of working full-time and also family responsibilities, that didn’t execute again till 1991, appearing in Theatre Three’s manufacturing of “Man that La Mancha”.

It wasn’t till the husband and father retirement from working as one administrator for the new York State Office of Mental health nine years earlier that he approached Sanzel around participating in “A Christmas Carol.” He defined that the holiday production’s rehearsal and also performance schedule would have actually been too demanding because that him while functioning full-time.

Sanzel stated he knew Liberman to be perfect for the function of Fezziwig. “He’s really warm. Yes a actual honesty around George, i m sorry comes throughout on stage since he’s that way in life,” the director said.

Liberman’s participation in “A Christmas Carol” keeps him, as well as the various other actors, exceptionally busy the last few months the the year. Rehearsals this year began in the start of October, as soon as the cast met downstairs to run with their lines, and also on Oct. 26, they began rehearsing top top stage, v a an excellent percentage the the collection constructed. Liberman, that loves come golf, said jokingly the he’s not rather sure what the would do this time that year if he weren’t rehearsing and performing on stage, specifically with golf season being over.

Jenna Kavaler, George Liberman and also Jeffrey Sanzel in critical year’s performance of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ photo by Elizabeth Castrogiovanni, Kayline Productions

Liberman said he enjoys working through his other “A Christmas Carol” actors, both those who have returned native previous years and newcomers. He stated Michelle Cosentino will be playing Mrs. Fezziwig because that the first time and is wonderful in the role.

Cosentino enjoys working v Liberman as well, and she said she appreciates exactly how welcoming and patient that is. “He’s pretty much Christmas 24/7. That like joy is bursting out of him,” Cosentino said.

Liberman stated he continually learns an ext about the story and also the function and has included some refinements over the years, and also he claimed he has actually grown together an actor together well. The growth has developed not only as result of playing Fezziwig each year, but additionally by the town hall Sanzel take it on the role of Scrooge every vacation season. Liberman said he has learned a lot of by watching the director, especially with how he shades his personality in various ways.

In enhancement to his appreciation for what Fezziwig stands for, Liberman said the design template of “A Christmas Carol” additionally brings him earlier each year. That said, because that him, the standard holiday story mirrors that also when you are as median as Scrooge is, a person have the right to learn the errors of his way.

“The blog post of the show is a an extremely uplifting, hopeful message, as it progresses through the show. So i really gain doing it,” the gibbs said.

Liberman really hopes that theatergoers will reap the blog post of the holiday story as much as he does. “I would certainly hope the when civilization walk away, lock inspired, and also they come away with the notion that even the meanest the characters, the meanest the people, can be redeemed and also can change, can see the confident in people and also can perform something hopeful for those roughly them,” the said.

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Theatre Three, 412 key Street, port Jefferson, will existing its 32nd yearly production that “A Christmas Carol” from Nov. 14 come Dec. 27. Ticket prices selection from $15 to $30. For an ext information and also show times, visit www.theatrethree.com or contact 631-928-9100.