The name of Gerard’s mam is lindsey Ann Way. They have actually a many in common, and it seems, they were born to it is in together.

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Lindsey and also Gerard play in the very same band “Project Revolution”. They fell in love through each other an extremely quickly and got married backstage at among their shows. That occurred on September 3, 2007.

Like her husband, Lindsey, professionally known under the name Lyn-Z, is talented not just as a musician but also as a visual artist. She invested the very first years of she life in Dunoon, Scotland. Lyn has never recognized her father. And also she is not so close come her mom nowadays.

After graduation native high school, she gotten in Pratt institute to study art and also illustration. She began her career together a painter, yet occasionally saw the audition come the band Mindless me Indulgence. Through the way, she told me, that she teach herself come play the base guitar within a week.

In 2009 she offered birth come her and Gerald’s just child Bandit Lee Way. Lindsey is a doting mother, and now she joins her duties together a parent through painting. Recently, she has painted a arsenal of dioramas, i beg your pardon she called “Hush”.



Date the birth: might 27, 2009

You deserve to hardly find any kind of photos the the small beauty Bandit Lee way on society media since her parents desire to save her away from the limelight and let her be elevated without too lot fuss approximately her.

The girl gotten in this human being on might 27, 2009, in a call clinic in Los Angeles. She to be a healthy tiny girl, who weighed 6 lbs at the minute of her birth.

Nowadays she is a middle school pupil and she stays in Los Angeles through her mother and father. In 2019 she showed up in the facility of windy attention as soon as she visited the concert of her father’s “My Chemical romantic Reunion Concert” v her mom.



Date that birth: 1952

Gerard offered to say, the his dad Donald constantly stood through the musician’s side as soon as he essential help. Frankly speaking, Gerard taped his an initial song in his father’s basement, using his electrical guitar.

Donald doesn’t choose to it is in in the center of publicly attention, nevertheless, his noble face and also strict stature were caught by cameramen plenty of times, once he was standing by his sons’ side. On Twitter, he introduce himself as “a proud dad of two boys”.

Donna method (mother)


Date of birth: 1952

The surname of Gerard’s mom is Donna Way. She spent the significant part of she life in new Jersey. Donna is the daughter the Elena and also Author Rush. She has actually a brother writer Rush Jr. She married Donald means and had two sons with him. Donna was an extremely busy, so her guys were raised mostly by her mom Elena. Gerard offered to phone call in his interviews, that his maternal grandmother helped him to come to be the human he is now. In 2005 he committed his so late grandmother to a song “Helena”.

The mother Donna and also her child Gerard always were very close. She sustained him and often went to his shows. However later other happened in between a son and also a mother, and now they view each other very rarely.




Date of birth: September 10, 1980

Gerard has actually just one sibling – the younger brother Mikey, whom “My Chem” fans understand rather well because he theatre the base guitar in this band.

Michael James means shared every little thing with his older brother Gerald in their beforehand years. Lock both invested a most time v their maternal grandm Elena, and also like his larger sibling, Mikey fell in love v music art.

Mikey is known not simply as the younger brothers of a celebrity. He acquired lots the kudos together himself, having operated on many an individual projects. He released the song “The just Hope for Me Is You”, “Desolation Row” and also some others. Besides, the is component of the duo “Electric Century”.

Mr. Means is married come an Instagram personality Kristin Colby. They have two daughters, Rowan and Kennedy, born in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Previously, Mikey was married come a guitar technology Alicia Simons.


Gerard means is a contradictory personality, however the main thing us know around him the he is unbelievably talented. For his strong songs and rich voice, his pan are ready to forgive him everything, consisting of his drug and also alcohol addiction. They are simply happy for their idol the he controlled to protect against using psychotropic building material now. Because 2002, he has actually been the founder and member that the rock tape “My chemistry Romance”, and also as a component of the band has actually released 4 studio albums. Their debut album “I carried You my Bullets, You lugged Me your Love” to be certified as gold.

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He gotten in this civilization on April 9, 1977, in Summit, new Jersey, united States. The major part of his beforehand years he spent in the residence of his grandmother, Elena Lee Rush. She put lots of efforts to teach Gerard and also his brothers Mikey (the other member of “My chemical Romance”) to love and also understand art. She proved the boys how to draw and to sing. By the way, Gerard attracted the snapshot for the covering of the second album “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”. That is a professional artist in 1999 Gerard i graduated from the college of intuitive Arts. After graduation, he worked as a cartoonist in ~ Cartoon Network. The tragedy, which taken place on September 11, 2001, made him change his life and follow his love calling. He ended up being a permanent musician and also founded the tape “My chemistry Romance” with his brother and also old friends.