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1West Egg village - The Narrator"s village.

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JayGatsbyProtagonist. In love with Daisy.
MidasOne the the three civilization who knew the secret.
MorganOne of the three civilization who knew the secret.
MaecenasOne that the three world who knew the secret.
TomBuchananNick"s girlfriend from college. Daisy"s husband. Aka: Thomas.
DaisyBuchananNick"s 2nd cousin. Tom"s wife. Aka: Daisy Fay.
DemaineThe oil man.
JordanBakerDaisy"s golfer friend.
NickCarrawayNarrator. Gatsby"s neighbor.
George B.WilsonOwner that the garage repair shop. Tom"s friend.
MyrtleWilsonHas one affair with Tom.
CatherineMyrtle"s sister.
ChesterMcKeeA photographer.
LucilleMcKeeChester"s wife.
Mrs.EberhardtThe woman who looked in ~ Myrtle"s feet.
KaiserWilheimMr. Gatsby"s rumored uncle or cousin.
Mr. MumbleA male at Mr. Gatsby"s party.
VladimirTostoffBehind the Jazz history of the World.
4ChesterBeckerA male from east Egg.
BunsenKnew Nick from Yale.
WebsterCivetEast Egg-er. A doctor. Drowned last summer in Maine.
Hornbeans - A clan from east Egg.
WillieVoltaireEast Egg-er.
Blackbucks - A clan from east Egg.
ClarenceEndiveEast Egg-er.
EttyFought through Clarence.
EwingKlipsringerGatsby"s boarder.
BennyMcClenahanAlways arrived on the party with 4 girls.
Mr.WolfsheimA gambler. Mr. Gatsby"s close friend.
RosyRosenthalA deceased woman.
DanCodyMr. Gatsby"s mentor and friend.
6EllaKayeThe newspapers woman.
Mr.SloaneMr. Gatsby"s acquaintance.
Ms.BaedekerDaisy"s acquaintance.
PammyBuchananDaisy and also Thomas"s daughter.

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9HenryGatzMr. Gatsby"s father. Owl eyes.

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