You might not recognize her by name, however chances are an excellent you acknowledge Jamie Simpson"s face.

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The 25-year-old Atlanta resides is the tv spokeswoman because that both Rug & home in Gaffney and McKinney dodge in Easley, and also her Rug & residence ads alone display dozens the times every week in the Upstate market.

Considering exactly how well recognized she is, Simpson is surprisingly offhanded when asked just how she broke into the business.

"I assumption: v it began with one audition," she said.

"It"s simply something that I type of dropped into."

Simpson, who flourished up south of Greenville in Moonville, had actually her very first big break about five years ago, once she remained in a nationwide Coca-Cola advertisement filmed in Charlotte, N.C. That brought about other auditions and other jobs.

"You get one part and get another one and get one more one, and you acquire the bug."

Now, once she"s not filming ads for Rug & residence or McKinney Dodge, Simpson walk modeling, and also she is additionally a licensed cosmetologist who does skilled hair and also makeup work. She is a hair and also makeup organize for the TBS "Movie and also a Makeover" show, wherein she walk on-camera themed makeovers. And also last year she went on tourism nationwide because that nine months as the an individual hair and also makeup artist because that pop/rock musician Aslyn.

"It"s sufficient to keep me crazy and busy. There"s no such point as a typical day."

As the youngest of five children, Simpson said she was used to being the facility of attention, and also she has numerous memories that singing with her family at reunions and gatherings.

She loved to sing so lot that she started competing in pageants since they available her a opportunity to perform.

When she won she high school pageant, miss out on Woodmont, among the prizes to be a scholarship because that modeling classes at Millie Lewis.

"Who knew I would certainly be investing in my future through being miss out on Woodmont?" Simpson joked.

After attending Clemson University, then beauty school, Simpson relocated to Atlanta come take exhilaration classes. Climate she moved to Los Angeles for a time she describes as "a very, very huge learning suffer that didn"t turn out too positive" before moving earlier to Atlanta.

Simpson works v Elite Model administration in Atlanta, and in enhancement to her television job-related she likewise does components modeling (modeling she hands and feet) and "petites" modeling.

She likewise has her very own company, Jamie Simpson Marketing, which offers marketing consulting, tv production and also media buying for automotive dealers.

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When Simpson comes home to visit the Upstate, she said world often recognize her face, despite she states her neighborhood fame is yes, really a secret to her.