The person who popularized psychology and also the idea the the person subconscious was Sigmund Freud. Hope this helped!

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The prize is B: Freud.

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian medic and neurologist and the inventor that psychoanalysis (a kind of psychology). In his theoretical works, most notably in the interpretation of dreams, he popularized the idea of the subconscious as an aspect of the mental that, although it could never it is in made fully conscious, it might be expressed by interpreting both the latent and manifest materials of dreams. Later on he would add that bodily symptoms could additionally be a gateway come the subconscious.


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What room the crucial similarities in between leo tolstoy’s the fatality of ivan llyinch and also edward munchs paint the scream?

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Read this passage: byron and also mitch space co-captains the the mathletes, their high school"s scholastic team. They room backstage with the five other team members, preparing to complete in the state mathematics quiz. Byron sit on the floor through his eye closed and also his earbuds in, hearne to classical jazz, which him emphasis his mind and also energy. Suddenly, the feels a presence alongside him. He opens up his eyes to watch mitch staring at him. "mathletes! mathletes! " mitch chants loudly. Mitch provides byron a thumbs-up and then proceeds come strut roughly like a peacock, high-fiving the other team members, as byron shuts his eye again and does his best to refocus his psychic which statement finest summarizes the passage?