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"Amanda" is a 1973 song written by Bob McDill and also recorded through both Don Williams (1973) and also Waylon Jennings (1974). "Amanda" was Waylon Jennings"s eighth solo number one ~ above the nation chart. The solitary stayed at number one for 3 weeks top top the Billboard Hot country Singles chart. As recorded by Jennings, "Amanda" had been a monitor on his 1974 album The Ramblin" Man, yet was no released together a single at the time; two various other tracks, "I"m a Ramblin" Man" and also "Rainy day Woman," were. much more than 4½ year later, brand-new overdubs were added to the original track and placed ~ above his first greatest access time album. In April 1979 the track was issued as a single, and it soon ended up being one of the biggest country hits that 1979.more »

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I"ve organized it every inward, God knows, I"ve tried,But it"s an horrible awakening in a country boy"s life,To look at in the winter in complete surprise.At the hair on mine shoulders and also the age in my eyes. Amanda, light of my life.Fate should have made girlfriend a gentleman"s wife.Amanda, light of my life. Fate should have made girlfriend a gentleman"s wife.It"s a measure up of civilization who don"t understand,The pleasures that life in a hillbilly band.I obtained my very first guitar once I to be fourteen, fine I lastly made forty, tho wearing jeans.Amanda, light of mine life.Fate should have actually made friend a gentleman"s wife.Amanda, light of mine life. Fate should have actually made you a gentleman"s wife.

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Waylon Jennings Waylon Arnold Jennings (pronounced /ˈweɪlən ˈdʒɪnɪnz/; June 15, 1937 – February 13, 2002) to be an American nation music singer, songwriter, and musician. Jennings started playing guitar at eight and also began performing at twelve top top KVOW radio. He developed a band, The Texas Longhorns. Jennings operated as a D.J. On KVOW, KDAV, KYTI and KLLL. In 1958, girlfriend Holly i ordered it Jennings" very first recording session, the "Jolie Blon" and "When Sin stop (Love Begins)". Holly rental him come play bass. Throughout the "Winter run Party Tour," in clean Lake, Iowa, Holly chartered a plane to come at the next venue. Jennings provided up his chair in the aircraft to J. P. Richardson, who was enduring from a cold. The trip that brought Holly, Richardson and also Ritchie Valens crashed, ~ above the work late… much more »

Written by: Robert Lee McDill licensed & provided by LyricFind

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