Not really many WWE design template songs have words in lock of late. However, once AJ layouts debuted at the royal Rumble in 2016, his music turn heads. Now, he has actually revealed the his song, entitled “Phenomenal” to be really made for someone else.

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Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, styles said that his theme track was actually produced James Storm. Right here is the quote:

“Well they allow me in ~ above a small bit of the music and stuff prefer that, and I dug it. I assumed it to be a cool deal. The just thing i was worried about when they were calling me a redneck – which ns am, i make no excuses, i am a redneck – but I didn’t want people to go, ‘Oh so he’s a hillbilly,’ or something like that, i m sorry is entirely different 보다 a redneck. Ns was worried about that a little bit.

But you know what? It to be the perfect music for me. And also let it be well-known that that music wasn’t made for me. The was made for someone else. It’s always been mine, you know what i mean? the was made for James Storm. That may have actually been produced James Storm, yet it was composed for AJ Styles.”

For those that don’t remember, James Storm had a very brief operation in NXT before Royal Rumble 2016. The was functioning without a contract and ended increase leaving WWE rather than signing. Meanwhile, AJ formats signed with the company and debuted quickly after.


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