Guy wire is supplied to stabilize and also secure free-standing structures. That is frequently used by experienced tower erecting companies to install towers in the antenna, communications and also utility industries. 


The man Wire Name

Guy cable has numerous names. That is additionally known as guyed wire, guy cable, male strand, and also guy anchors. People additionally (mistakenly) call it guide wire. The name guy wire is derived from the term guy: characterized as a rope, cord or cable supplied to steady, guide, or secure something.

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Galvanized male Strand 1×7 and also 1×19

Guy Wire description

Guy cable is a tensioned cable the is both lightweight and strong. United state Cargo regulate extra high toughness (EHS) male wire meets ASTM A475, and also is easily accessible in 2 types: 1×7 and 1×19, in several sizes. The galvanized end up protects the from the end elements. Guy wire is designed to occupational with number of fittings and components make it ideal for plenty of different uses.

Guy cable Hardware

Big grip Dead Ends for Galvanized Strand

Big tight dead ends, additionally knowns as preforms, are provided for high tensioning, often for antenna, communications, and transmission towers.

End sleeves, likewise known together ice clips, are essential when using large grip dead ends. Castle are supplied to prevent unraveling.

End Sleeve ice Clips for large Grip Dead Ends

Drop forged wire rope clips are provided to clamp the loosened end of cable rope after forming an eye.

Shackles are used for connecting cable rope, chains, and slings. Bolt-type anchor shackles are often used in projects including guy wire.

Thimbles are offered to safeguard the eye or loop of wire rope.

Turnbuckles are a tool provided to pull with each other or push apart guy anchors.

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Guy cable Installation

Guy wire installation is not a do-it-yourself job. It need to only be done by experienced, trained professionals. Custom sizing and pricing are accessible for contractors and other large-volume customers. Civilization with questions should speak to the us Cargo manage sales team at 800-660-3585 or email TowerProducts

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