I think the everyone deserve to agree that Vampires are sexualized in popular music Culture. Most Vampires now are portrayed as smooth and sexy, however that is not only method the room sexualized. The means they get their blood is by feeding on various other people. To obtain the blood they have to bite a human. Biting is very intimate in that self. Taking blood the end of another person and drinking the is also really intimate. The majority of the time that Vampire bites someone, it is on their neck. Biting another’s neck is similar to kissing someone’s neck, and also even more intimate. Occasionally they even do the gentle together if they room trying to seduce and please the human being they space biting.


In this image, you check out a woman Vampire biting a man. He does no look like he is pain; in fact, that looks like he is ok with what is happening. This photo looks extra sexual due to the fact that of the blind fold and also the fact that she has actually her eyes closed. When people kiss, your eyes are usually closed and I think everyone have the right to agree that kissing is intimate. Also, in the photo, you perform not see apparel at all. Also though you only see shoulders up, this can imply the they space naked. The fact that they room both good looking just adds come the sexuality. My point is that Vampires already have sex-related aspects, however the TV, movies and books sexualize them and also exaggerate these facets to make these sexual aspects super obvious. “Vampires room often portrayed as seductive. The is diffiult to different this association from the sadistic nature the the fiure—a link that is dependent top top a potential masochism within the victim”(Henry). This quote is indigenous a Psychoanalytic evaluation by Charles Henry. Masochism is characterized as the tendency to journey pleasure, especially sexual gratification, indigenous one’s very own pain or humiliation. This deserve to be compared with a human being finding satisfied from gift bitten by a Vampire.

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The truth that the Vampire is frightening and also wants come suck your blood draws the victim in.


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