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Jabez Wilson loves money. That is suitable that he is a pawn broker because, favor a banker, that lends money because that interest. That was really pleased with his project at the offices of the Red-Headed League since the job-related was easy and the salary of 4 pounds every week was...

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Jabez Wilson loves money. The is suitable that that is a pawn broker because, choose a banker, the lends money for interest. The was an extremely pleased with his task at the offices of the Red-Headed League because the work was easy and the pay of four pounds every week was exceptionally generous. In those days countless clerks operated long hours, Monday v Saturday, for only one pound a week. Wilson feels the he has small chance of getting his job back, since the Red-Headed League, which never ever really existed, has actually supposedly to be dissolved. However he is hoping versus hope the he might somehow uncover the guy who referred to as himself Duncan Ross and get his task back. Also if the project is shed irretrievably, Wilson is a stubborn and also temperamental man who desires to discover out what the noticeable hoax was all about. That has concerned Sherlock Holmes because he knows the an excellent detective will certainly sometimes help people on a agree bono basis if their problems interest him. Wilson explains his motives together follows:

"I did no wish to lose such a place without a struggle, so, as I had heard that you were good enough to provide advice to negative folk that were in need of it, i came ideal away come you.”

When Holmes tells Wilson the he hasn"t really shed anything however is about thirty pounds come the good, the frustrated male protests:

“No, sir. But I want to discover out about them, and who castle are, and also what their object remained in playing this prank—if it to be a prank—upon me. It to be a nice expensive hoax for them, for it cost them two and also thirty pounds.”

So Wilson is hoping the he can acquire his sinecure ago or in ~ least discover out why Duncan Ross play such an intricate and high-quality prank top top him. Wilson does not suspect his new shop-assistant, who calls himself Vincent Spaulding, of having actually been affiliated in the prank. Together Sherlock Holmes says of Wilson in the direction of the end of the story, that is not overly bright. Otherwise he probably would have been suspicious of Spaulding and also might have also gone down into his basement to view was was going on. That would have actually been unfortunate because that Wilson, due to the fact that if he found a tunnel and mounds of dust in his basement he would most likely have actually been eliminated by Spaulding, who was yes, really a danger "murderer, thief, smasher, and also forger" called John Clay.