When ns was a kid and I had actually some school job I had actually to perform that required posterboard, mine dad would always say, “let’s go to the store and we’ll obtain you some oak tag” or something along those lines. By “oak tag,” what he supposed was posterboard. He supplied the term as a generic term for posterboard.

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I never hear anyone ever say this nowadays. Granted, I’m not in plenty of contexts wherein posterboard is used. I always assumed it was an old fashioned term. But my dad is not an old fashioned male at all. He doesn’t use any other outdated words.

I deserve to only imagine the he picked this expression up from his dad or uncle, both of whom operated in the printing industry and may have had actually occasion to talk around “oak tag.”

Does everyone else use this arcane phrase?

I still hear it referred to as “tag board” and also have review “oak tag” however never heard it. Ns live in Wisconsin now yet grew up in Michigan and also have heard that in both places.

I haven’t thought around oaktag in at the very least 40 years.

We used it in institution in new England as soon as I to be a kid. Ns remember a tough old teacher trying come motivate united state to do far better at miscellaneous by saying we would obtain a piece of oaktag to usage if us did well. It to be a refined thin hard gold posterboard, doled the end sparingly because that special projects only. I never noticed that in stores, though. It to be something only seen in ~ school choose that unstable small-format yellow math paper.

Now ok daydream around sniffing me some nice new mimeos.


New Englander check in whose never ever heard that phrase. (I’m 33 FWIW)

Same age, thrived up the exact same place, and I heard it fairly often.

It’s no a share term because that poster board, yet for cardstock like medium that’s the color and weight that a manila folder, like this.

Upstate NY. Never ever heard it and would have had actually no idea what you to be talking about prior to reading this thread.

Oak tag. Yeah, the brings earlier memories. Ns heard it every one of the time (and offered it) once I was in elementary school. Haven’t heard of that since. And also like Parenchyma, I deserve to smell the fresh mimeograph duplicates again, too.

Isn’t over there a song about tying a yellow ribbon roughly an old oak tag?

FWIW, i haven’t heard the term other than indigenous the song.

I heard “Tag board” a lot growing up yet never thought about why the was dubbed that. You fought my ignorance, or at least replaced that with new ignorance.

Never heard of oak tag but growing up ns called and still perform I guess: v poster board- bristol board. Thrived up in Toronto 37.

Elementary school in the 70s in Upstate NY, we used oaktag, and likewise “vanilla” (manila) paper for one-of-a-kind projects.

Grew increase in NJ, live in new England, Upstate NY, and also Utah. I’ve never heard of “Oak Tag” before this thread, and also would never have guessed the it described Poster Board.

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Midwesterner. Never heard that it, never ever seen it. Reminds me of when I very first heard someone mention Pee Chee folders, another oddball school item that appears to be local in use, famous in part areas, and virtually unknown external of those areas.