Created brand-new ideas on space, time, energy and matter. He created the concept of relativity, exactly how motion is the key to his idea.

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A Australian physician whos principles were prefer Einsteins. He studied the human mind and also said there to be a “irrational” part of the mind where world did not recognize what was happening and they did every little thing made them happy.

German theorist who argued that reason and democracy was damaging people’s creativity and also actions. The wanted civilization to return to ancient heroic values and pride.
A brand-new style of music that emerged that was developed in new Orleans and also Chicago. It was loose and lively.

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I think Albert Einstein due to the fact that his concepts were very revolutionary and they are still used today. They placed a base idea to usage for the rest of time.
Because they showed just how people and also things worked and also their minds and their ideas are quiet being used today
People were unsure of wether to save using democracy or start using their ideas and also being creative.

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Families were able come travel more for fun, dare were more affordable, that made transportation easier and faster and an ext fun.
I think so since they want to see how different parts of the person mind worked and also why this one component was so different.
Because new things to be being created and women wanted the opportunity to have more political and social freedom.
So new weapons can be boosted or created and used as fight tactics in WWII or any upcoming fights
Science and culture in 1920s. (2018, jan 05). Retrieved indigenous


Science and culture in 1920s. (2018, january 05). Retrieved native

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