Does pine sol death bed bugs? recognize the answer come this question and also some bed bugs prevention tips by reading this detailed article!


Bed bugs space tiny pests the feast on human blood and likewise target the warm-blooded pets as well. Bed bugs are an excellent at hiding in the tiny crevices of furniture and also mattresses. A healthy and balanced female bed an insect can yield up to 200-250 egg in her lifetime. That’s why it’s necessary to remove them.

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What Is pine tree Sol?


Pine-sol is the trademark surname of ‘Clorox.’ It’s a multi-purpose cleaner that can be provided on heavy surfaces and in the laundry together well. Pine-sol is recognized for the ‘Pine oil‘ as its active ingredient. However, modern-day product formulations are used pine-sol only for the fragrance, not as an energetic ingredient.

Does jaw Sol death Bed Bugs?


Pine-sol will not kill bed bugs, however deter them because that good. It works since of its strong odor the is disliked by the bed bugs. Shot the below hack to save them at bay.

Bed Bugs avoidance Tips

Follow the listed below preventive tips to inhibit the future infestation of bed bugs in your home.

Eliminate clutter indigenous your residence to minimize the hiding place of bed bugs.Always save your clothing in sealed bags ~ washing.Run the vacuum on her carpet thoroughly regularly.Put your mattresses in protective consist of to eliminate bed bug’s hiding spots.Seal all the cracks and also crevices of the home properly.Wash your pet’s bed in the washer on the highest heat and also dryer settings.Fix door sweeps ~ above the bottom the the doors to avoid their movements.

Pine-Sol bug Repellent

Try the below homemade remedy come repel the bed bugs from your residence instantly.

1. DIY Pine-Sol Bed bug Deterrent Spray


4 Tablespoons that Pine-Sol2 cups of WaterEmpty Spray BottleSmall FunnelMixing BowlSpatula


Add 4 tablespoons of pine-sol together with two cup of water right into a mix bowl and also stir castle well.Now, pour this liquid right into an north spray bottle using a tiny funnel and shake it well before use.Before utilizing this remedy, take her bed sheet, mattresses, pillow covers, and also curtains outside and also spray the equipment onto castle properly.Then, leave them under the sunshine for 3-4 hrs to deter them for good.Once it’s done, wash them in the washer top top the highest setup possible.You can also spritz this systems on couches, tables, crevices, and also any tiny cracks.


If you have a serious infestation the bed bugs, then call service professionals immediately.Always stay protective equipment such as challenge masks and hand gloves if trying the over hack.

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After analysis the over article, we hope you’ll recognize that Pine-sol is an efficient bed bugs repellent, no an eliminator. Besides, you can also try bleach to get rid of bed bugs completely.