Cheat Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monster GX: Tag force USA ULUS10136 CWCheat PSP Update included psp– English – Indonesia - Philippines - Singapore – Downloadcwheatfile for playpspgame withcheat–rar, zip,ini,ules, ulus,uljs,uljp, uces, ucas, ucks, ulas, uljm, ulux.

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Read Cwcheat Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monsters GX Tag pressure USA Ulus 10136 – You have the right to copy and also paste in ulus10136.ini or download it with push Downloads_S ULUS-10136_G Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel monsters GX: Tag force _C0 99 GX Medals_L 0x00275F2C 0x00000063_C0 99999999 DP_L 0x20266BEC 0x05F5E0FF_C0 99x Every card & remove Ban_L 0x402680F4 0x09AF0001_L 0x00036304 0x00000000_C0 black color Luster Soldier - Envoy that the Beginning_L 00269A9D 0x00000303_C0 golden Egg_L 0x00276050 0x0000000B_C0 infinite Life Points(8000)_L 0x2165E56C 0x00001F40_L 0x21777A5C 0x00001F40_C0 adversary has 0 Life Points_L 0x1165E568 0x00000000_L 0x1165E570 0x00000000_L 0x11778A08 0x00000000_C0 foe runs the end of cards_L 0x11778A18 0x00000000_C0 You have actually 0 cards(instant lose)_L 0x01777A6C 0x00000000_C1 Jaden_L 0x00266C31 0x00000020_C1 Strus_L 0x00266C43 0x00000020_C1 Chumley_L 0x00266C55 0x00000020_C1 Alexis_L 0x00266C67 0x00000020_C1 Chazz_L 0x00266C79 0x00000020_C1 Misawa_L 0x00266C8b 0x00000020_C1 Zane_L 0x00266C9d 0x00000020


Here we go press the link for download ulus10136.iniMediafireRead too
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